Referral Program: 

You must have a completed home study to participate in our referral program. You only need to fill out the on-line registration for us to consider networking for you.

Once registration has been accepted, you will be asked to send via postal mail five copies of your Presentation book (commonly known as Dear Birth parent letter) , a copy of your approved home study and a signed contract along with your registration fee of $200.00. Should you need some help with your Presentation Book there are some helpful hints for a more friendly and unique letter linked here on our site.

When an agency or attorney presents situations to us, we email through a group email to all registered clients the confidential information about the expectant mother and her pregnancy. You would then decide whether you want to be submitted to the expectant mother for consideration as the adoptive family. The agency or attorney will present you with other families to the expectant parent(s). If the expectant parent(s) select your family, you would then work directly with the agency or attorney that is representing the expectant parent(s). Because all agency and attorney contact information is confidential, we handle all communication with the professional until you are matched with a situation. You will be matched and placed through an attorney or agency that is licensed to place children for adoption. All counseling, finances and legal work will be done by a licensed agency or adoption attorney.

By registering with Heaven Sent you are essentially registering with many agencies and attorneys. Our referral and networking fee of $1,500.00 is paid to the attorney or agency working with the expectant parents when the placement is complete and you have a baby in your arms.