Prospective Adoptive Families: Agency Services: 

Families who reside in Michigan who are interested in direct placement or State adoption can receive full agency services from Heaven Sent. We provide adoptive family assessment (home study) which includes counseling, pre- and post-placement home visits and finalization. Basically, this means we will handle all the paperwork and documentation that you will need. Once you are domestic home-study approved, we will present you to all expectant parents who desire a family like yours for their child. These would be not only expectant parents working directly with Heaven Sent but also referrals from our many networking attorneys and agencies. We also encourage you in searching for an Expectant Mother on your own. Should you find a match for your family on your own, we are happy to assist the Expectant Parent(s) with counseling and support. We can also assist them with legal counsel, even representation, if you both so desire. If you are seeking to adopt from our state foster system we can provide you with the proper home assessment so when you find a child you would like to pursue we can assist you with submitting the required documentation.

It is our goal to build families with the least amount of financial burden possible. For more information regarding pricing of family assessment, family assessments update, post-placement supervision, or for a copy of our Mission Statement and Program Statement please contact us at (231) 237-9880.