Homestudy approved families from any state (except NY and NJ) If you are a waiting family who already has an approved homestudy complete and would like to join Heaven Sent Referral Program we can assist you. You can register here on the forms tab.

Shelia Davis 231-459-8888

Referral Service address:

PO Box 156, Charlevoix, MI 49720


Referral Program: 

Referral Program Process:

You must have a current, approved, annually updated home study to register and participate in our referral program.

You need to fill out the on-line registration for us to consider networking for you. Once registration is accepted you will receive an email and be asked to send via postal mail:

a) Five (5) copies of your Presentation letter/book. (no personal or professional contact information can be on these)

b) One (1) copy of your current, approved home study. Updated annually.

c) Registration fee of $200.00

d) A signed contract, please keep a copy for your records.

When one of the many agencies or attorneys we have referral agreements with present a situation we send out information about the situation via group email and you decide whether you want to be submitted. If you are requesting to be submitted you must reply email back telling me and signing the email with first and last name. The agency or attorney providing direct (face to face) support services to the Expectant Mother will present you with other families. If the Expectant parent(s) select your family, you will be given contact information to the agency/attorney and you will then work directly with who is representing the Expectant Parents.

Because all agency and attorney contact information is confidential, we handle all communication between yourself and the professional until you are matched. Upon being matched we will provide you all the contact information. You will be matched and placed through an attorney or agency that is licensed to place children for adoption. All counseling, finances and legal work will be done by a licensed agency or adoption attorney. These professional will have placement/administration fees associate with the situation you are matched. We DO NOT work with Facilitators.

By registering with Heaven Sent you are essentially registering with many agencies and attorneys. Our referral and networking fee is paid at the placement of the child with you, this is paid when you have a baby in your arms.

Adoption Professionals: 
Referral Program:

Heaven Sent has been assisting attorneys and agencies in completing families through adoption since 1999. As an adoption professional you will have access to all Heaven Sent registered, home study ready perspective adoptive families to assist your expectant parent(s) in locating the family for their child.

We will take care of all the postings, verification of homestudy and speaking with all presented families. Your office will only have to handle the family that is selected and matched with the Expectant mother. We do all the rest!!

In order to utilize Heaven Sent Adoption’s referral service, we need to have you contact the office and establish a referral agreement.


Additional Information:

DONATIONS and ON LINE payments: Heaven Sent Adoption Services, inc is a non-profit organization in need of your tax deductible donations to continue our ministry in adoption. If you would like to make a donation to help us continue the work we do in this area please send to:

Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc
P.O.Box 156
Charlevoix, MI  49720

we also offer paypal as a way to make donations or payments directly:

Referral Program Services