Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc Is established and doing business in the State of Michigan as a501 ( c ) 3 non-profit adoption agency. Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc complies with all applicable statues, laws and regulations relating to adoption, networking, referral and support services. 

There is no intention by Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc to imply that we are in compliance with any other state statues, laws or regulations. The viewing of promotional materials, information and agreements through any medium including the internet is not intended to do business within any other state other then Michigan in the event that doing business would violate any particular state laws. Clients understand that it is not the responsibility of Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc to advice adoptive parents, birth parents or expectant parents in the laws and procedures of adoption in their state, nor any other state. Client's understand that they should contact an ethical adoption attorney or a licensed public or private adoption agency within their state or where the birth parents reside in order to retain the laws, procedures and additional fees to legally adopt from that state.

 Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc reserves the right to refuse service to any applicant at any time for any reason. We also request a statement of faith from persons that apply for a family assessment  through our agency. Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc does not guarantee that an adoption will be available to present in any time frame. Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc will not be liable for any financial loss to a client in the event of a failed adoption. The following cost and fees are not included in Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc referral and networking fee of $1,200.00: all or any birthmother expenses, attorney fees, agency fees, placement fees, counseling fees, any other professional party that may become involved with the adoption plan, travel, lodging or photocopying. Clients understand that to pursue any adoption they must pay the retainer to the appropriate adoption agency or attorney for the services rendered. 

Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc will assist in the matching of clients with adoptable situations. The birth parents of the child and the clients voluntarily and mutually select each other for the purpose of pursuing and completing an adoption. Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc advises clients do not make any financial commitment until they are referred and advised by a licensed adoption agency or attorney. Heaven Sent Clients agree to pay our fee of $1,200.00 for the referral and networking services of Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc to the appropriate attorney or adoption agency upon successful adoption placement. This amount must be reported to the court in the adoption accounting summary as an adoption related expense. 

Anyone seeking information about our adoption placements through our agency should contact us for a application to begin the adoption assessment process.

All information provided to Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc by and about yourself is given with the understanding and you authorize us to share that information. This allows Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc to freely discuss and represent you to adoption agencies, attorneys or other adoption professional.

Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc clients agree to keep all adoption professional contact information confidential when working on an adoption through our referral and networking services.