Situations Currently Assisting With:

UPDATED  7-15-2017

You MUST have a completed and current (less than 1 years old) homestudy to register and work in our Referral Program. We work with families in all states (except NY) who have a completed homestudy.

You will need to Postal mail the required documents and payment to our office once accepted to complete the registration process. We do not rush registrations.


*******This page is used to give the general public a glimpse of the situations we are assisting with. We do not always update this as we spend our time working for and with our registered clients with matches and placements. We will only give you general information about any situation if you are not registered also.


We are NOT a facilitator - we are a licensed child placing agency in Michigan providing Michigan families and Expectant mothers with direct services such as counseling, home study and post placement services. We also have the Referral Program to help all homestudy families be presented to Expectant mothers making adoption plans.

Most situations fees are currently running between $25,000.00 and $35,000.00.

We do not give wait times because we do not know what the Expectant mothers will be looking for on an adoptive couple for her baby and we do not have your family information either. There is no way for me to determine when you will be selected by an Expectant mother.

We do not accept paypal or other on line forms of payment.

Most of our situations come from Kansas, Florida, Indiana however we also work in Ohio and Missouri.




TRAJ : this is a Biracial unknown gender baby due Nov. 4th. Estimated fees are $25,500.00

TAKA:  She is Biracial and the father of baby is Hispanic. She is due Nov. 11th and the gender is unknown at this time. Estimated fees are $30,000.00 with $2,000.00 of that needed at match and then estimated $1,000.00 a month through delivery.

 JPRS: This gal has placed through this agency 2x’s before. She is due Nov. 11th with a Caucasian baby. Estimated fees are $27,500.00

 GELJ:  This mom is currently in ILL but has requested to be helped to live in housing in Kansas until after placement of baby. She is due with a Black American unknown gender Nov. 4th. Estimated fees are $27,000.00

 AMGL - Caucasian baby girl due August 2nd - Estimated fees are $30,000.00

PQSJ - This is a 26 yr old expectant mom due with a Caucasian/Hispanic baby girl due August 1st - Estimated fees are $29,000.00 with $2,000.00 of that due at match.

PPSY - This is an expectant mother due Aug. 26th with a Biracial baby unknown gender. Estimated fees are $27,500.00