Situations Currently Assisting With:

UPDATED       1-26-2018

You MUST have a completed and current (less than 1 years old) homestudy to register and work in our Referral Program. We work with families in all states (except NY) who have a completed homestudy.

You will need to Postal mail the required documents and payment to our office once accepted to complete the registration process. We do not rush registrations.

*******This page is used to give the general public a glimpse of the situations we are assisting with. We do not always update this as we spend our time working for and with our registered clients with matches and placements. We will only give you general information about any situation if you are not registered in our program.


 Caucasian Expectant Due March 25th with a Caucasian Baby boy. Expectant mom smokes pot and uses tobacco. Mom reports she is Catholic of Italian descent.   She reports having depression and anxiety. Is not currently being medicated for either. 

 Has 4 other children. one is deceased. Delivered other children 4-6 weeks early but with no significant medical issues. She is currently receiving weekly shots to prevent early delivery. 

 Looking for a semi open adoption...leaning towards more openness. Meaning maybe phone calls/text...not really visits. Prefers a traditional couple. Would really love a stay at home mom....prefers the child does not go to daycare. 

 Lives with father of baby and he is in agreement with the adoption. He has filled out a self reported history we can share with selected adoptive parents. Significant medical issue is that he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 10.  

 Estimated fees are $41,000.00 -  This couple is facing eviction so whomever wants to be shown needs to understand that we will ask the adoptive family to step up quickly and assist them with their rent situation once the family has been chosen. ½ the fees are due at match.

 Will deliver at West Florida. This couple would like to meet the adoptive parents before delivery. 



 This Florida 26 year old Expectant  Mother is due June 22nd with a Caucasian child gender unknown baby. Father of baby will cooperate. He has 9 other children, two of which were also placed for adoption. 

Strong history of mental illness. Diagnosed with Bipolar, Borderline personality disorder, PTSD, Anxiety and depression. Has been homeless before, has had a lot of trauma in her life and has trust issues. 

Would prefer a family that will be at the hospital when baby is born to take over care of the baby immediately. Would like a semi open adoption after placement. 

Reports use of Crystal Meth and Marijuana in the first month of her pregnancy. Has had prenatal care before she came to us. We will order those records immediately. She reports she has not used any drugs since then. 

Has two year old son that she does not parent. She is realistic that she cannot parent successfully so she appears very sure of placing this child for adoption.

Will consider Traditional couple, Gay Couple, Single parent also ok. She was specific in requesting a family with no history of drug use, even in recovery and no history of mental illness. 

Estimated fees $40,000.00 with ½ due at match. 



This Michigan Expectant mom has placed before, 2014 in LA. She is due with an unknown gender Black American baby in mid-August. She currently parents 3 children as a single mother and does not feel she can provide properly for another at this time.

 Expectant mom is requesting the following for the adoptive parents:

married at least 5 years, Wants Open adoption, Must have 1 biological children, No cats and no hunters. She would also like the community you live in to be no less than 20% Black American and prefers you reside in MI, IN or OH – maybe IL.  

 Estimated fees are $25,000.00



Caucasian girl, 7 years old.  **There is a family making final decision***

She is currently, and has been since the age of 2, living with her grandmother. Grandmother is 69 years old and in poor health. Child is diagnosed with ADHA, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

Unsure of fees at this time- will depend on state of family (possible ICPC), as well as agency & attorney are willing to work with any family that feels they can provide a stable home for this child. Will definitely need a family willing to follow through with counseling/therapy for child, continue a relationship with grandmother, etc.


This Florida Expectant mom Mother is Age:32, Caucasian . The father of baby is Age: 29 and Caucasian

 Expectant mom is due with a child of unknown gender on 2/10/18.  She is choosing adoption because she "can not care for a child and is unstable."  She has lost a child to DCF and her grandparent is raising her two oldest children. 

 Birth parents are in contact with each other but are not in a current relationship.  He is homeless and has no permanent address. He is not supportive of the adoption plan.  He was served on 1/10/18 and will have 30 days to respond to the notice, per Florida law.

Expectant mom’s ultrasound  revealed the baby to have  Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.  Kristina has been seen by fetal Cardiology which verified the findings and a diagnosis of Fetal hypoplastis left heart syndrome with mitral atresia and aortic atresia.  The baby will require an IV infusion after birth until initial palliation which is usually stage- 1 surgery in the first week of life followed by bidirectional Glenn surgery between 4-6 months of age and Fontan surgery between 2-4 years of age. 

 Expectant mom has a history of substance abuse Opiates/ Heroin, Dilaudid and Marijuana. It is anticipated that she may still be using. She is Hep C positive.  She also reports a history of Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. She is not taking any psychotropic for any of these conditions. She was on Lexarpro for 1 year last taken approximately  2 years ago.  She was is a car accident which left her with a BKA at age 13 (above knee amputation). She reports Yes to smoking cigarettes @1/2 pack daily.  She takes Suboxone 8 mg daily. She has a history of STD's. 

 Agency fees were given to me as $21,500.00 but they have contacted me that if there is an interested family they would discuss lowering the fees.


FLTH – Mother is no longer contacting agency so she’s on HOLD

This is an Expectant mother in Florida Race of Expectant Mom :  Black American Race of Father of baby:  Black American Due Date:  03/18/2018  Gender of child: Male    

prenatal care?   Limited PNC but should be starting regular appts. in January.  She had issues with Medicaid initially. Cigarettes/Drug/Alcohol exposure:  She said she needs medication for blood clots but cannot afford it.

Other important information regarding health of child:  Expectant mom reports a medical history of: eczema, asthma, blood clots and food allergies.

Total estimated cost of adoption:  $40,500.00

 Openness Desire:  Open with visits. Wants to meet the family, pictures/updates, visits 2x a year. Dream family preferences:  Prefers a family with no children, but if they do then she prefers a family with just one child.






We are NOT a facilitator - we are a licensed child placing agency in Michigan providing Michigan families and Expectant mothers with direct services such as counseling, home study and post placement services. We also have the Referral Program to help all homestudy families be presented to Expectant mothers making adoption plans.

Most situations fees are currently costing between $28,000.00 and $38,000.00.

We do not give wait times because we do not know what the Expectant mothers will be looking for on an adoptive couple for her baby and we do not have your family information either. There is no way for me to determine when you will be selected by an Expectant mother.

We do not accept paypal or other on line forms of payment. Cashier Checks and Money orders are preferred payment form.

Most of our situations come from Kansas, Florida, Indiana, Arkansas however we also work in Ohio and Missouri.