Adoption Professionals: 
Referral Program: 

Heaven Sent has been assisting attorneys and agencies in completing families through adoption since 1999. As an adoption professional you will have access to all Heaven Sent registered, home study ready perspective adoptive families to assist your expectant parent(s) in locating the family for their child. In order to utilize Heaven Sent Adoption’s referral service, we need to have you contact the office and establish a referral agreement. When you are in need of perspective adoptive families for a situation you simply fill out the situation in take form with the requested details. The Heaven Sent office will search our registered client data base and then send appropriate home study approved family profiles to your office. We will handle all postings, emails, postal mailings and telephone calls during the presentation and selection process. We will take care of the contact with the presented families until a selection has been made. Once your expectant parent is matched with a Heaven Sent family we will then put only that selected family in direct contact with you. This will leave your staff more time to focus on the needs of your office and the expectant parents. The adoptive family will make all payments to your office, including our referral fee. Our fee is then paid to us by your office when the Heaven Sent family has taken physical custody of their child and has a baby in their arms.