Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc started in 2004 out of a need that I, the Director, saw in the adoption field. During the 5 years (1999 – 2003) of operating a referral service for adoptive families I recognized and wanted to get involved in an area that expectant moms or parents seemed to have missing in their journey. Educating expectant parents should be a continual process during the time frame in which they are trying to choose what is best for their baby and themselves. Already working with the adoptive parent side of adoption through the referral program it only took becoming licensed through the State of Michigan as a child placing agency to help both Expectant and Adoptive parents. We are a licensed, non-profit child placing agency. Along with meeting the standards set by the state of Michigan, we believe that Heaven Sent Adoption Services was founded out of God’s will. As we work within the adoption field we seek to serve our Lord in all the work we do. As I searched for the right people to bring on board for this project of building an agency, I desired to have people who were personally touched by adoption as to better understand and connect with the people we would be assisting. Our mission and goals develop and thus we now have Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc.

What makes us unique?

  • We are agency professionals from all walks of life with one common 
    bond. We have agency workers available throughout the state who have experienced adoption personally. Some are adoptive parent, birth parent or adoptee. We combine our educational degrees,experience in the pregnancy crisis and adoption fields with our very real and personal experiences.
  • We offer education and pregnancy counseling before any commitment.
  • We seek to make adoption affordable for the adoptive family.
  • We have developed training curriculums on adoption for crisis pregnancy 
    centers,high schools and medical facilities. 

What are our goals?

  • To help every person we work with understand that adoption is a journey that 
    can be an extraordinary experience.
  • To help meet our clients where they are at. By this we mean that we will never pressure anyone into making a decision they are uncomfortable with. If a client walks in and needs us to just listen- than - we listen. If a client comes to us for information- we offer information. If a client comes to us in need of making an adoption plan- we work with them through the journey.
  •  To empower women who are expecting by giving them adoption information and support so they have the knowledge to change a difficult decision into an educated decision.
  • To help families that desire to become parents through adoption; walk this journey.
  • To provide babies with good, loving, Christian homes.


The link below is for you to verify Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc’s license with the state and any reports made by the state. You can also find other Michigan agencies information here also.


Additional Information we would like for you to have:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide education and respectful support to parent’s exploring adoption when they have an unplanned pregnancy and also to provide affordable adoption services to parents planning to build their family through adoption in a Christian, Christ like manner. We believe that adoption was founded by God and we are all adopted into his family when we accept Jesus, his son, into our hearts.


Heaven Sent Adoption Service, Inc embraces our Christian beliefs in all the work we do through this agency. If you desire, we will pray with you and support you spiritually through this journey. 

Statement of Purpose

Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc. is a non-profit, child-placing agency. We facilitate adoptions for children in need of permanent families. We will support, educate and counsel an expectant parent(s) who is considering an adoption plan for their child. It is of the utmost important that they have all the information they need to make a decision being fully educated and with knowledge of their rights. We will work side by side with them during the selection process of an adoptive family and the placement of their child.

We offer to the adoptive families support while handling their needs. These are as follows but not limited to, evaluating families, orientation of families, educating families, counseling expectant parent(s), matching a placement, providing legal filing services,supervising placements and offering support services.